Gayuma Spritz (Gayuma Liqueur x Cinzano Prosecco)

Gayuma Spritz (Gayuma Liqueur x Cinzano Prosecco)

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Elevate your celebrations with our romantic pairing: Gayuma Liqueur and Cinzano Prosecco.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of perfection and romance with Gayuma Liqueur, crafted from distilled sugarcane vodka, flavored with lychee and lemongrass. Complementing the lively flavors of Gayuma Liqueur is Cinzano Prosecco, a refreshing sparkling wine from Italy renowned for its fruity notes and lively bubbles. Together, they create a symphony of taste that transcends boundaries, offering a sensory journey that's captivating and unforgettable. 

Set contains:
1x Gayuma Liqueur 700ml 20% ABV
1x Cinzano Prosecco 750ml 11% ABV

This combination is perfect for an enchanting night of cocktail. 

Cocktail Suggestion - Gayuma Spritz:

  • 60ml Gayuma Liqueur
  • 30ml Cinzano Prosecco
  • 20ml Aperol Spritz
  • 2 barspoons of lemon juice
  • Garnish with Orange Peel and Lemongrass